Delivering high quality and effective Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is never easy. Teachers don’t often get the opportunity to experiment with the latest materials and lesson ideas, or get the chance to deliver SRE input often enough to feel really confident and comfortable with this vital curriculum area.

Many teaching colleagues feel the tension of discussing issues about sex and fielding questions from pupils and this can detract from student learning. The nature of SRE lessons is distinctly different from other curriculum areas, and the normal teacher-student boundaries are not often supportive of relaxed and uninhibited discussion of sex and relationships.

Our Mobile Units

Students often report that they feel that SRE delivery by their usual class teacher is a barrier to their full engagement with the programme. When SRE lessons uncover issues that require referral to external agencies, teachers are not often the best placed to access necessary support or to signpost pupils effectively.

How can we help?

Sex-ploration is a tried and tested programme of SRE lessons and workshops for school students of any age. Fully curriculum and school policy compliant, Sex-ploration is flexible to meet the needs of your pupils. We offer 3 programme levels to best meet the needs of groups of young people who may be experiencing differing stages of sexual activity and risk.

All three programme levels have been sensitively developed and modified to be delivered to all year groups. Our highly trained and experienced delivery team create a relaxed, informal and credible environment for open and honest exploration and learning. Using tried and tested materials, we are happy to work with whole classes or small groups of any age, gender-mix or heritage/background. On-site mobile vehicle support and OCN accreditation are optional. Where necessary, our staff will make professional referrals to an extended range of external services, as a routine part of their work.

Level One - Safe
Four two hour sessions delivered over 4 weeks to cover the core mandatory curriculum areas of relationships, risky behaviour, sexual behaviour and STIs and contraception.

Level Two - Extra Safe
Six two hour sessions over 6 weeks. The 4 core elements, plus two additional options.

Level Three - Ultra Safe
Eight two hour sessions over 8 weeks. The 4 core elements, plus 4 additional options.


• Relationships (Core curriculum element)
• Risky behaviour (Core curriculum element)
• Sexual behaviour (Core curriculum element)
• STIs and contraception (Core curriculum element)

Sex and the law
• Self esteem, body image and health
• Family relationships
• Cultural awareness
• Abortion and miscarriages
• Drugs and alcohol
• Media and role models
• Gender and stereotypes
• Sexual abuse and grooming
• Parenting skills
• SRE for young people with disabilities
• Sexual health for LGB young people



Many young people say that parents and some teachers are not very good at talking about the more sensitive issues in PSHE, such as sex and relationships…In the case of SRE young people do not want just the biological facts but want to talk about feelings and relationships.

Nationally, 40% of young people between the ages of 11 and 18 think that their SRE was poor or very poor and another 33% think it is no more than average.

61% of boys and 70% of girls over the age of 17 report not having received any information about personal relationships at school.

57% of girls aged 16-17 have not been taught how to use a condom.

The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Rates of Chlamydia infection in England of those aged 16 to 24 is 10% and rising annually.
(HPA, 2008)

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